The University of Liège provides university restaurants and cafeterias on its various campuses for members of its community. On the menu: healthy, sustainable dishes at low prices.


ULiège finances the difference between market prices and those charged by university restaurants and cafeterias, to the tune of almost 900,000 euros. This financial contribution helps maintain access to a range of healthy, sustainable products.

Attention is paid to food waste, recycling and waste reduction in university restaurants and cafeterias.

Awareness-raising campaigns on quality and sustainable food are also deployed throughout the year.

Find out more about sustainable food at ULiège

Access and opening hours

University restaurants are located on the Sart Tilman and Gembloux campuses. On weekdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., they offer self-service hot and cold dishes at prices ranging from €4 to €7, including drinks.

Several cafeterias are also open on the various campuses. They offer sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks and various snacks at reasonable prices.

The restaurants of ULiège

Sart Tilman Campus Gembloux Campus

The cafeterias of ULiège

Liège city centre Campus Sart Tilman Campus Arlon Campus

Independent installation

Cafet' HEC


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Concerned about the quality of the services offered, the Uliege makes available to members of his community a site on which it is possible to do part of his remarks, comments and proposals.

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