University restaurants and cafeterias

The University of Liège makes available to members of its community university restaurants and cafeterias on its different campuses. On the menu: hot and cold self-service dishes at low prices.


The restaurants of ULiège

University restaurants are found on the Sart Tilman campus as well as that of Gembloux. They offer, from 11.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., hot and cold self-service dishes, whose prices range from €4-7, drink included.

On the Sart Tilman campus

  • Restaurant Jacques & Laurent (Agora District - B62)
  • Restaurant Agora (Agora District - B62)
  • Restaurant of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Vallée District - B42)

On the Gembloux campus

  • Restaurant of the Faculty of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (avenue de la Faculté d'Agronomie, 13 (ground floor of the student Home)

The cafeterias of ULiège

Several cafeterias are also open throughout the different campuses of the University of Liège. They offer sandwiches, quick food, hot and cold drinks, and different types of snacks at reasonable prices.

On the campus of Liège city centre

On the Sart Tilman campus

  • The great cafeteria (Agora District - B8)
  • The Montéfiore cafeteria (Polytech District 1 - B65)
  • The cafeteria of Europe (Agora District - B4)
  • The Vété cafeteria (Vallée District - B42)
  • The cafeteria of Medicine (CHU - Hospital District - B36)

On the campus of Arlon

  • The main cafeteria (Administrative Building "140")
  • (no catering proposed here, but provision of dishes and microwaves)

Any suggestions ?

Concerned about the quality of the services offered, the Uliege makes available to members of his community a site on which it is possible to do part of his remarks, comments and proposals.

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