Feeding ULiège students and staff in a healthy and sustainable way, while maintaining affordable prices, are the two main thrusts of the institution's catering policy.

Friendly, healthy, seasonal catering at democratic prices

ULiège finances the difference between market prices and those charged by university restaurants, to the tune of almost 900,000 euros. This financial contribution helps maintain access to a range of healthy, sustainable products.

All our soups are made from 100% local vegetables and offered at attractive prices. Milk, some vegetables and meat are supplied by local producers and cooperatives and meet sustainability criteria. Coffee is also 100% fair trade and organic. A vegetable factory enables fresh vegetables to be processed directly in the kitchens, thus favoring short circuits rather than pre-cut, pre-packaged vegetables.

Since February 2022, Le Kotidien, the solidarity grocery set up by the Pôle académique Liège-Luxembourg, has been accessible to students going through a financially delicate period.

Anti-waste and zero-waste actions

Attention is paid to food waste, recycling and waste reduction in university restaurants and cafeterias.

Disposable crockery has been eliminated for 90% (95% planned for 2023) and replaced by bonded crockery. Waste sorting tables have been installed. The use of water fountains is encouraged.

The institution has partially financed reusable mugs and cutlery sets, sold at a democratic price. Students are encouraged to use them, notably through discounts on their order when they use them.

Find out more about the "stop disposable cups and cutlery" initiative

Flash sales" (50% discount) aimed at combating food waste are also offered in ULiège cafeterias at the end of services to sell off the day's unsold items - salads, sandwiches and pokebowls.

Find out more about the "zero waste: flash sales in ULiège cafeterias" campaign

Awareness campaigns

We are also working to raise awareness of quality and sustainable food, for example through information campaigns on the vegetable and fruit of the month, as well as food data sheets detailing the composition of different meals.

The University of Liège is also a partner of the Festival Nourrir Liège et Nourrir les Campus, organized every year.

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