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Enjoy discounts in university cafeterias and restaurants with our reusable cutlery and cups.

Promotion on presentation of reusable cutlery

Throughout the year, you'll benefit from a €0.20 discount on salads, poke bowls, pasta cones and "catered" dishes in cafeterias, on presentation of the reusable cutlery set published by Green Office.

This quality stainless steel cutlery from Mepal is available at a promotional price of €7 in the following cafeterias: Vété (B42), Philo-Lettres (A2), B8, Europe et Montéfiore (B65).

Keep your drink warm

Fancy a hot cup of coffee or tea? Choose the ULiège isothermal mug. It's on sale for €8 instead of €10 in cafeterias such as Vété (B42), Philo-Lettres (A2), B8, Europe et Montéfiore (B65).

You can also take advantage of this temporary discount at the usual sales outlets for derivative products : l'ULiège webshop and Presses Universitaires stores.

Promotion tea/coffee on presentation of the ULiège mug

Throughout the year, you can also enjoy a €0.10 discount (almost 10% off!) on your coffee or tea on presentation of the ULiège isothermal mug. No more disposable cups!