Have you ever thought about micromobility for short, quick trips?

Self-service scooters and bicycles are deployed on the Sart Tilman campus


he presence of self-service electric scooters on the territory of the City of Liege only dates back to 2019, but this practice has gradually become established among a part of the population and in particular, young adults.

Although some nuisances were noted at the time of the launch of this new mobility offer (anarchic parking, excessive speed in certain areas, etc.), the situation has become normalized thanks, in particular, to the cyclo-sharing charter adopted by the City of Liège. This charter limits the number of vehicles present in the city and specifies a whole series of points such as parking, speed limits, etc

Self-service scooters and bicycles on the Sart Tilman campus

Aware of the interest of this new form of mobility for internal journeys on campus, the university authorities have accepted that the operators DOTT, PONY and TIER deploy their fleet on the university domain

To control the presence and use of these vehicles on the Sart Tilman campus, several measures have been adopted:

  • Only operators who have ratified the city of Liege's cyclo-sharing charter are eligible,
  • Each operator has signed a complementary charter drafted by the University of Liege. This document details in particular the parking system (via parking points only) and areas with limited speed or prohibited to traffic (nature reserve and boulevards).

Initially, this service will only be available in the northern part of the Sart Tilman campus (Village, Agora, Polytech and Urbanistes districts) but an extension to the whole domain is under study.

The map below allows you to locate
the authorized parking points and the limited speed zones.

Parking points for bike-sharing machines

Is there a charge for this service? Is it possible to drive on the entire Domaine du Sart Tilman? Specific parking rules for the Sart Tilman Estate How to report a parking problem?  Who can use these scooters?  Can these scooters be used to connect the city and the Sart Tilman plateau? Recommendations for conduct
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