With a real cost of €5,000 per year for the average car, there is much food for thought in giving up a vehicle for other means of transportation...

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By bus

Since 1 September 2022, the price of the season ticket is €12 per year for 18-24 year olds!
In order to make buses more attractive to young adults, the Walloon government, via the TEC, has been offering since 1 September 2022, an annual subscription at €12 for 18-24 year olds.

The University of Liège wanted to extend this measure to all its students by offering a refund via the student social service for students under 18 and over 24.
For more information, please visit the ULiege website.


The most frequently used lines at ULiège towards Sart Tilman : 

  • Line 48 : Opéra - Guillemins - Sart Tilman Université - CHU
  • Line 58 : Guillemins - Standard - University - CHU - Boncelles
  • Line 28 : Fléron - Chaudfontaine - Beaufays - Tilff - Sart Tilman
  • Line 158 : Chênée - Sart Tilman - Sart Tilman Université

Two express lines to connect Liège and the Province of Luxembourg

If the train connection between the Province of Luxembourg and the City of Liège requires a change of train and a connection time in Namur, you should know that there are alternatives! The TEC has set up two Express lines for quicker connections between Arlon and Marche-en-Famenne. These lines are accessible free of charge for holders of an 18/24 season ticket.

To find out more, visit the letec.be

By train

ULiège sites just a stone's throw from the train stations!

The stations of Liège Carré and Liège St-Lambert are only a few minutes walk from the Opéra, 20-Août, HEC, Architecture, the Institute of Zoology and the language training centre.

The train stations of Arlon, Gembloux and Gembloux Chapelle-Dieu are also located a few hundred metres from the university sites. Find out the journey times and the shortest routes to connect these stations to the ULiège sites with the pedestrian maps published by the University.

iconeDownload Download the pedestrian maps of Liège, Sart Tilman and Gembloux.

Find all timetables to join Arlon, Liège and Gembloux by train
on belgianrail.be website or the SNCB mobile app'.
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