Healthy, economical, and avoiding all parking problems, walking is no doubt one of the most suitable modes of transportation for traveling short distances.

signalisation Sart Tilman 1000x400

There are many pedestrian links between the buildings of the Sart-Tilman campus. To get from one building to another, it is quite possible to leave your car in the car park and avoid wasting time looking for a parking space.

New pedestrian signage

An adapted directional signage installation was finalised in autumn of 2016. A survey of footpaths was performed. It will lead to rehabilitation projects and new soft pathways. In particular:

  • creation of a pedestrian link in Grande Traverse
  • extension of the "Promenade des étudiants" (cycling/pedestrian link between the Polytech and Agora districts)
  • development of the path between rue de Sordeye and rue des Homes into a cycling/pedestrian pathway

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