Car trips: would you like some company and be able to share or reduce costs? Solutions exist to find others with the same goal! 


Carpooling: cost-efficient, ecological and friendly!

The University of Liège has its own carpooling platform: the UGo platform.

It is reserved for all members of the ULiege community, its alumni as well as staff members of the CHU de Liège. In February 2018 it became accessible to employees of the City and CPAS of Liege. This partnership began the expansion of the carpooling platform. Subsequently it broadened to the staff members of Province de Liege and students of the HEPL School.

Initiated in 2015 as part of a project for Master students in Computer Science and Civil Engineering (Computer Science - Faculty of Applied Sciences) and developed over several months in collaboration with various stakeholders of the institution (rectoral college, students, researchers, federations, administrative services, etc.), the platform was officially launched in April 2017 and has continued to grow ever since.

Currently nearly 10,000 users are registered on the platform.

UGo objectives are obvious: to respond to specific (public transport disruptions) and recurring (CO2 emissions in urban areas, traffic and public transport congestion during peak periods, etc.) mobility problems.

Join the UGo platform

A state-of-the-art system designed for users

The UGo carpooling platform is a website on which users register trips, specifying a departure point, an arrival point and a time slot during which they wish to make the trip.

Above all it is intended to be a practical tool for everyday use and designed for users. Ergonomic and pleasant to use, it can be used on both computers and mobile devices. A mobile application is now also available!

Equipped with an automatic connection system, it connects users in a short time. The current rate of contact is 30%, 1 in 3 chances of finding a match!


A car "where I want, when I want it". More users and less cars on the roads: this is the Cambio car-sharing system in Belgium.

Car-sharing initiatives between individuals also exist:

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