If you have the possibility, we invite you to share your car trips or to combine them with other modes of transportation to reach the ULiège campuses.


is aware of the importance that campus accessibility plays in the attractiveness of the Institution, ULiège is developing a number of actions and projects, gathered in an ambitious and intermodal mobility policy, with a view to facilitating and securing the travel of the members of the university community. One of the objectives of the mobility policy of the University of Liege is to reduce the number of vehicles on its campuses or to fight against the use of the car in autosolism.


UGo : carpooling 100% ULiège

The University of Liege has its own carpooling platform: the UGo platform.
This is reserved for all members of the ULiège community, its alumni, as well as members of the staff of the University Hospital of Liège. Since February 2018, it has also been open to agents of the city and CPAS of Liege, this partnership marking the beginning of the expansion of the carpooling platform. It was then expanded to the staff of the Province of Liège and students of the HEPL.

Currently, more than 4,000 users are registered on the platform.

The objectives of UGo are obvious: to respond to occasional (public transport disruptions) and recurrent (CO2 emissions in urban areas, traffic congestion during rush hours, etc.) mobility problems.

A mode of transportation that can be used on a daily basis

TheUGo platform also offers the possibility of creating recurring trips. All that remains is for users to take care of the association proposals that are submitted to them. The process is simple, fully integrated into the platform, and can be easily used as a daily mode of transportation.


Join the UGo platform

92 carpool parking lots at your disposal!

To support the practice of carpooling, Wallonia has set up a network of secure, accessible carpooling parking lots close to major roads, allowing carpoolers to easily reach a common meeting point and begin their carpooling.

Today, more than 2,500 spaces in 92 parking lots are available free of charge!

To find out where these car parks are located, go to mobilite.wallonie.be

Shared cars

A car "where I want, when I want". More users and less cars on the road, this is the Cambio system of shared cars in Belgium or POPPY.

There are also initiatives of car sharing between individuals:

Parking on ULiège sites

Liège Sart Tilman

Free parking is available for staff, students and visitors on the Sart Tilman campus.

In the northern zone, the parking lots to be favoured areparking lots A, B, C and D located in the Agora district. In the southern zone,a parking lot located near the Blanc Gravier and CHU sports centers, is accessible to students and staff members on presentation of the ULiège card.

Limited access parking is also available for staff members. Please contact the administrative director of your building for information on the conditions of access to these parking lots.

Map of parking lots

Liege city center

If possible, avoid going into the city center with your vehicle and use the Park & Ride lots to travel the last few kilometers by train or bus.

The available Park & Ride lots are located at

  • Vottem (freeway exit E313) from which a TEC line (line 39) provides a 15-minute link to Place St-Lambert,
  • angleur, Esneux and Ans train stations, from which it is possible to reach the city center in a few minutes thanks to the 3 to 7 trains per hour during rush hour (2 to 4 trains during off-peak hours)

For more information: www.letec.be or www.belgiantrain.be

A limited number of parking lots are reserved for staff members on certain ULiège sites in the city center. To know the conditions of access to these parking lots, please contact the administrative director of your building.

Map of the parking lots



The Senghor parking lot is available to staff members, students and visitors. In addition, parking lots are also available on the campus, only for staff members and students with a vignette. These can be obtained from the works department

Map and access conditions to the parking lots


Free access parking lots are available for staff members, students and visitors.

Property Resources Administration

Planning - Urbanism and Mobility Unit


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