Cycling on campus? And why not! Economical, practical and good for your health, there is no shortage of arguments in favour of the use of two wheels. Saddle up!


Cycling routes

If you wish to reach the campuses of Liège and Gembloux by bicycle, here is a series of routes validated by the ULiège cycling community. These routes use as much as possible the existing cycling facilities and secondary roads.

These routes can be consulted online and downloaded (gpx format) to be used with a GPS.

Liège and surroundings Gembloux and surroundings

To encourage the use of bicycles for home/campus journeys, the University of Liège has produced a "cycle map" which makes it possible to estimate the journey time between the ULiège sites and the neighbouring communes.

iconeDownload Download the cycling maps. 

Would you like to suggest a route? Suggest modifications?
Report a design problem?

Please contact us :

Parking places and showers

In addition to the bicycle racks available at the entrances to the buildings, secure bicycle parking facilities for long-term parking and showers are available in certain ULiège buildings. To find out where they are and how to access them, go to the My Mobility intranet.

For people visiting ULiège, please contact the mobility unit ( to find out the location and access conditions of these car parks.

In order to develop the use of bicycles for home/campus journeys, projects for secure bike parks and showers are underway or under study. 

The Uliège bicycle workshop

Since 2015, a bicycle workshop has been located on the Sart Tilman campus in the Agora district, opposite the large lecture halls (B7a), below the Agora restaurant (B62).

Services offered:

  • bicycle servicing
  • low-cost repairs
  • sale of reconditioned bicycles (depending on available stocks)
  • Hiring of bicycles to Erasmus students for a fixed period (depending on available stocks)
  • Training in bicycle mechanics
iconeInfo A reduced price (on labour) is granted to students and staff members of the ULiège.

Schedule :

Tuesday > Friday
12h > 17h (or by appointment in the morning)

Contact : - 04 366 93 09

Just starting out on your bike? Ask your coach!

Visuels-FB parrainage

You have decided to start cycling again to reach one of the ULiège campuses but you have fears and a lot of questions about the route or the choice of your equipment?

The University of Liège has set up a bike sponsorship system with experienced volunteer cyclists who offer to accompany you on your first 3 journeys.

For more information on this action:

To register as a
cyclist or coach.

Are you using STRAVA?

If you use the STRAVA application, you should know that a group called ULiège j'y vais à vélo" brings together members of the ULiège community who use bicycles for their home/campus journeys. This group is also a place for cyclists to exchange ideas.

Loan of electrically assisted bicycles (EAB)
& charging stations

The University of Liège lends electrically assisted bicycles to staff members for periods of 4 weeks. To find out more about this action, please contact the mobility unit (

Recharging stations are also available free of charge on the Sart Tilman campus, in front of the Agora restaurant (B62) and at the back of the Amphithéâtres de l'Europe (B4).

Get a bike

Service bicycles at ULiège

Some departments and faculties of the University of Liege are investing in the purchase or rental of service bicycles :

Other ways to get a bike

Vélocité et DjiblouCyclettes

The cities of Liège and Gembloux offer long-term rentals of Vélocité (in Liège) and DjiblouCyclettes (in Gembloux).Les villes de Liège et de Gembloux.


The SNCB offers a bicycle rental system in stations, Blue-bike

Label "Tous vélo-actifs" 

Since 2012, the University of Liège has become a "Tous vélo-actifs" entity, an operation steered by the Walloon Public Service and implemented on the ground by the Walloon Business Union. Since 2013, it has participated each year in the "Printemps à vélo" and the "Semaine de la mobilité".

In 2020, ULiège is maintaining its progress in terms of cycling policy. The University will retain its 5-star rating for the "Tous vélo-actifs" label. In addition to this recognition, it intends to continue its efforts to further improve cycling mobility.

Tous Velo Actifs Label ULiege 2022

Property Resources Administration

Planning - Urbanism and Mobility Unit

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