On foot, by bike, car or public transportation: choose well your daily mode of transport to get around effectively to and on the University of Liège campuses.

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Through a general concern for awareness of societal issues, the University of Liège offers its visitors and community an abundance of information and advantages intended to develop sustainable mobility as part of daily travel and to improve the accessibility of its campuses.

Two keywords regarding mobility:

  • multimodality: presence of several modes of transport to connect two different places (e.g.: going to work by bus on Mondays, by bike on Tuesdays, by car on Wednesdays);
  • intermodality:  use of several modes of transportation in the course of a single journey (e.g.: leaving one's house, heading to the station on foot, taking the train, and taking the bus to one's place of work).

It is essential to adequately choose one's mode(s) of transportation and to apply the principles of multimodality and intermodality depending on the circumstances and after careful consideration.

The University of Liège supports the members of its community in this reflection throughout the year.

On foot

By bike

By public transportation

Car-sharing and carpooling

Financial incentives

Getting around between sites


Improving mobility at ULiège? Suggestions are welcome!

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