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University of Liège’s libraries are accessible to students, researchers, teachers or other members of the staff of ULiège, but also to any outside visitor upon prior registration in one of the locations.




he Libraries of the University of Liège are meant to be made available to members of the university community and to the public the information and documentation that they need in their roles as learners, teachers, and researchers. The Network is also the guarantor of an exceptional heritage that it is tasked with preserving and promoting.

All members of the community of the University of Liège (students, researchers, teachers or other members of the personnel, including from the University Hospital) are automatically registered for the libraries of the University and have access to all the sites (upon presentation of the student card or personnel badge) as well as to the online resources.

Any other non-member of the university community can also access all the locations on the basis of prior registration, which leads to a reader card or ID.

Pre-registration online

Wi-Fi and Internet access

Computers reserved for documentary research are accessible to the public in the majority of the establishments. A ULiège Wi-Fi access is also available on all campuses of the University and RJ45 sockets allow one to connect to the University network in the majority of establishments.

Photocopy, scan, print...

It is possible to photograph, photocopy, or scan on site most documents available on open access or ordered on reserve, as well as download, save, and print most digital documents, in keeping with legal exceptions. Rates for each of these operations are specific to each library.

Book a work space

Several collaborative work spaces are available in the libraries, at Sart-Tilman (CHU, North Zone), and in the city centre (20-Août). They are all equipped with at least sockets for laptops and Wi-Fi.

  • For whom? : students or researchers from ULiège, as well as the CHU personnel, in particular to allow them to carry out their group work under the best possible conditions.
  • How? : only through online reservation, via the room schedules. All reservations will be confirmed by email.
  • When?: for a period of 4 hours maximum, and reserved no earlier than 15 days in advance. All rooms are closed on Sundays.

The ULiège libraries

The ULiège libraries: access & hours

Campus of Liège city centre

Main library (General services)

  • ALPHA - Loan Office (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A3)
  • ALPHA - Reading rooms (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A3 - 1st and 2nd floor)
  • ALPHA - Interlibrary loans (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A3)

Thematic sections

  • ALPHA - Germanic Languages and Literatures (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A2 - 1st and 2nd floor)
  • ALPHA - Historical Sciences (Quai Roosevelt - Bldg. B4)
  • ALPHA - Ancient Manuscripts and Collections (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A3)
  • ALPHA - Philosophy, Information and Communication (Place du 20-Août - Bldg. A1)
  • ALPHA - Romance Languages and Literatures (Place Cockerill - Bldg. A2)
  • ALPHA - Sciences of Antiquity (Place du 20-Août - Bldg. A1)
  • BST - History of Science and Technology Marcel Florkin (Place Delcour - Bldg. L1)
  • ALPHA - Catalogue Room (Place Cockerill)

Sart-Tilman Liège Campus

Main library (General services)

  • BSV - Library of Life Sciences (CHU) (Hospital District - B34)
  • Graulich - Graulich Sart-Tilman (Agora District - Bldg. B31

Thematic sections

  • BSV - Veterinary Medicine Branch (Vallée District 2 - B41)
  • BST - Sciences (Agora District - Bldg. B6b)
  • BST - Engineering & Mathematics (Polytech District 1 - Bldg. B52/4)
  • BST - Geosciences (Agora District - Bldg. B6d)
  • BSV - "Testothèque" (Test Library) (Agora District - B32)

Gembloux Campus

Main library (General services)

  • BSA - Reception, Books and Periodicals Section
  • BSA - Study Room
  • BSA - Reading room

Arlon Campus

Thematic sections

  • BST - Environment

Liège Saint-Gilles

Thematic sections

  • ALPHA - Architecture - Botanical Site

Liège Outremeuse

Thematic sections

  • ALPHA - Architecture - Outremeuse Site

The ULiège libraries: access & hours

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