Student radio, video capsules, podcasts, magazine... ULiège gives particular importance to the news of its campuses and university life.  It also offers its students the opportunity to try out communication by participating in the production of several different media.

grand poste grand studio

Le 15e Jour du Mois ("15th day of the month") the monthly magazine of the Uliège

Each month, Le 15e Jour keeps you up to date on university life, announces seminars and conferences, comments on the news of the institution and dedicates pages to alumni. The journal is made available to all in the different university buildings. You can also read it online.

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the ULiège YouTube channel

The ULiège YouTube channel presents in video all the news and life of the University in several fields: training programmes, scientific research, student life, events, innovation...

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The podcasts of the University of Liege

Portraits of personalities, exchange of ideas, interviews... Discover ULiège in words and sounds !

48FM, the students' radio of Liège (100.1 MHz)

The university radio 48FM, located at Média Campus de la Grand Poste, offers no less than 50 programs produced by a team of more than 100 volunteer hosts. 48FM opens its microphones to students who want to create their own show, participate in enriching projects, or simply try their hand at radio.


The journalism students of the University of Liège inform you all year long on radio, TV and the web from the premises of Média Campus de la Grand Poste since 2021. The vehicle refurbished as a studio is no longer a good memory, but the student and dynamic editorial line remains more present than ever.

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updated on 3/8/23

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