Spaces of reflections and debates, conferences, symposia, round tables, ULiège enjoys leaving its walls to encounter citizens and address all major issues of society, to think about living together and to share knowledge.


MSH, House of Human Sciences

The MSH offers citizens and researchers a space for reflection and debate, where knowledge flows, is exchanged and is enriched. It places particular emphasis on questions of society and ethics, which make it possible to think about living together.

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Grand Liège conferences

High-level conference cycle where the big questions of society are dealt with through pluralism and interdisciplinarity. The Cycle is co-organised by the City of Liège and the University, the Grands Liège Conferences also propose a cycle of conferences dedicated to the history of Liège.

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Grand conferences of ULiège at Verviers

Since 2012, the city of Verviers has hosted the University of Liège, its researchers and professors, for the grand conferences in the Duesberg space.

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