From French (or Greek) classics to Belgian, German or Polish contemporary works, as well as crazy improv jousts that can't be made heads or tails of, culture comes about in all languages and all styles on the stages of ULiège.

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TURLg, Royal University Theatre of Liège

All those who want to do theatre are welcome! The large repository of the TURLg is adapted to the wishes of different groups of amateur players. Most of the representations, workshops or courses take place in its two theatres, but the TURLg also organises tours abroad. And each year, International Meetings of University Theatre (RITU) take place at ULiège!

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Improv team:  La Confrérire

La Confrérire is a theatre improv group based in Liège. It was born in 2011 under the watchful eye of the Zapeuprès. It is also an ASBL with the goal of promoting improv through matches, shows and initiations into improv.

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Improv team:  Les Fauves-qui-peut

The troupe of the Fauves-qui-Peut is a flagship team of the asbl Catégorie Libre, composed of students and alumni of the University. The Fauves trample the national and international top-level stages to make the public roar with delight. In 2017, the felines celebrate their 10-year anniversary! 10 years of memorable improvised evenings.

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Improv team:  Les Gemblourdes

Les Gemblourdes are a theatre improv team made up of Gembloux students. Their passion: entertain the audience by telling incredible stories following the desires of an often grouchy arbitrator. In addition to free weekly coaching, several events such as the "Coupe des trois clés", the Inter-University Championship, international encounters and an improv weekend (the WAIE) are proposed throughout the year.

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Improv team:  Les Otarires

Other flagship team of the asbl Catégorie Libre, the Otarires are the 2017 winners of the famous Improliégeois festival. The residents of the ice floe are all members of ULiège, Alumni or students. They offer each season new, daring shows and participate, of course, in the Improliégeois Festival.


Vas-y Ginette ! Improv Team

The improv troupe Vas-y Ginette is made up of former students and members of the ULiège staff. Since 2004, it organises improv matches but also creative and varied shows. The Vas-y Ginette also propose to enthusiasts initiation into improv through workshops open to all.


Zapeuprès Improv Team

Created in 2002 by 3 ULiège students, the team of the Zapeuprès invites the greater public to its surprising and explosive improv shows! Laughter and emotion, for always unique shows. The troupe also organises initiations to promote the discovery of this art of the present moment.


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