Obtaining and/or maintaining a bike

Loan of electric-assisted bikes (EAB) by ULiège

The University of Liege loans electric-assisted bikes to staff members for periods of 4 weeks.

You need to sign up and complete a list of criteria to be included in the waiting list. Eventually, anyone wishing to try it will have the opportunity to test an EAB.

Service bicycles at ULiege

Some departments and faculties of the University of Liege are investing in the purchase or rental of service bicycles:

Bike workshop

Need a new or used bike? A repair?

Since September 2015 the bike workshop Intégrasport asbl has been located on Sart Tilman in the Agora district, L'Agora 2, across from Grands Amphithéâtres (B7a), below the restaurant Agora (B62) (view the (Restricted access link) ).

This workshop is open from Tuesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thanks to this association, help getting (back) into the saddle is offered to ULiege personnel as well as children from 5 years old for a participation of 5 Euros.

Services provided:

  • Bicycle maintenance
  • repairs at low prices, based on a quote if requested
  • sale of new or reconditioned bikes at low prices
  • provision of bikes for a set period for Erasmus students
  • possibility to make a donation of old bikes
  • For the personnel of ULiege and CHU as well as for students:
  • -20% on maintenance prices (excluding parts)
  • -10% on the purchase of new bikes

Other solutions for obtaining a bike

Pro Velo

Do you want to test commuting by bike without having a bike of your own?

Are you in need of a bike for a limited period, for a school year, for a month?

In addition to the purchase of a used bike at Integrasport asbl on Sart Tilman, different types of bikes are proposed for rent at the Pro Velo bike points located at Liege Guillemins railway station and at the Gembloux train station.


The SNCB offers a bike rental system in train stations: Blue-bike.

Vélo + bus

CycloTEC makes foldable bikes available for journeys before and after taking the bus.

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