Student residence accommodations in Arlon

University Accommodations

University accommodations are reserved first and foremost to non-European students and interns.

Community Houses

Two community houses, referred to as "maisons com", welcome students and interns near the campus (Avenue de Longwy 149 and 157). Twenty rooms are available in each home. It is possible to rent a room in these university accommodations for a year or for shorter stays. There are more free rooms during the period from January to August.

The rooms are furnished (bed + bedding, desk, chair, wardrobe, hot and cold sink). The kitchens and lavatories are shared. A common room with TV is equipped in each residence. Internet is accessible via Wi-Fi.

Reception of international students

Upon their arrival, in September or in January, international students have to adapt to a new country, a new city, and a new institution. They are immediately taken charge of and set up in one of the two houses, depending on availability. This first contact allows the campus personnel to listen to their impressions and questions, and to guide them.

More INFORMATION for international students

Accommodation Service - Arlon

University Accommodation - Françoise DASNOY
+32 (0)63 23 08 31

Private Accommodation - Sara VERHELPEN
+32 (0)63 23 09 14

Voir le service logement

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