Private residence accommodations in Liège

Rent a "Kot"


n Belgium, individual rooms for students are called "kots.” There are more than 7,000 in the city, as well as around the Sart Tilman campus. Prices are fairly reasonable and the selection is varied. Other types of accommodation such as studios, apartments, or small houses may also be rented at very affordable prices.

"Kots" Data Base


The Accommodation Service of the University of Liège maintains a database of accommodations in private dwellings in Liège. This is available online. It can also advise and help future tenants during the search process and is available to owners wishing to rent a property to a student.

Other Accomodation

Other types of accommodation such as studios, apartments or small houses can also be rented at very affordable prices. For your information, below a series of Internet sites pemettant to find private accommodation:

You come from abroad ?

Students coming from abroad to Liège can also find and reserve a student accommodation on the site (web site with booking fees).The accommodations available on the platform are offered by students who are also leaving for a semester abroad, as an exchange student, for an ERASMUS programme, or for an internship.



Accommodation Service - rentals in private dwellings

Bâtiment des Homes (B13), Quartier Village 1 - Chemin du Trèfle 1
B - 4000 Liège
+32 (0)4 366 57 26

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