Housing in university residence at Sart Tilman: contract rental

A residence on a human scale open to the world, who makes a point of honor to encourage cultural diversity and the discovery of the other. More than a simple accommodation, it is a place to live.


he University of Liège has student residences on the Sart Tilman campus (Building B 13 - North zone). The residence is easily found on campus maps. Various rental formats for individual rooms are offered (temporary or for the entire academic year) and depending upon the interested public (Bachelor students registering for the first time, researchers, interns, exchange students...).

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This type of accommodation provides great conviviality between students from all countries and levels of study.

iconeAttention As the number of spots are limited, certain administrative procedures must be performed within specific time period.

Contractual rentals

These room rentals extend exclusively over the 10 months of the academic year (from September to the end of June). They are available first and foremost to students who are registering for the 1st time at the University of Liège and who are in the 1st year of their Bachelor's degree. It is therefore not worth submitting an application tied to registration for a Master's, a Doctorat, etc.

An amendment covering the 2 months of vacation may be requested during the academic year on a form provided for this purpose.

Requests related to this type of rental are made via the "application form" during the period extending from 1 March to 20 June preceding the start of the year in September.

The rental amount for the 10 months is calculated based on the taxable income of the parents and on the costs of the student's family. A copy of a tax document (no pay statements) will thus need to be attached to the application form.

The scale of rental prices for the 10 months of the 2020-2021 academic year ranges from 2,350 to 3,450 Euros, all rental costs included.

"Non-resident" applicants

Individuals concerned by the "non-resident" student status (for certain curricula) may also submit an accommodation application form between March 1st and June 20th.

However, because of uncertainty tied to the results of the lottery draw in September, which determines whether or not they are admitted to ULiège, the response given at the end of June concerning their accommodation application...can only be negative!

In the event that the random draw is favourable to them, and if they manifest themselves quickly as soon as they learn of the results, these applicants will then be "at the front of the line" to acquire an accommodation for the start of the year in September.

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