Housing in university residence at Sart Tilman: contract rental

Long-term stay

A residence on a human scale open to the world, who makes a point of honor to encourage cultural diversity and the discovery of the other. More than a simple accommodation, it is a place to live.


he University of Liège has, in collaboration with UKOT Liège, student residences on the Sart Tilman campus (Building B 13 - North zone).

The student residences are located on the northern edge of the campus, right next to the village of Sart Tilman. They offer exceptional views over the Herve region. The gently sloping embankments planted with fruit trees that border the homes give the impression that these residences are nestled in a hollow, well secluded and sheltered. 

Built in 1968, the homes are organized to encourage contact between students.
The 360 rooms are divided into three accommodation buildings connected to a lower building housing the common services: cafeteria, games room, reading room and offices.

The residence is easy to locate on the campus map. A variety of single-room rental options are available, depending on the interested public (Bachelor students registering for the first time, researchers, interns, exchange students...):

  • from 1 to 5 months.
  • by the year (academic - 12-month contract).

Learn more about temporary rentals in the residence

Contractual rentals

These room rentals extend exclusively over the 12 months of the academic year (from September to the end of June). They are available first and foremost to students who are registering for the 1st time at the University of Liège and who are in the 1st year of their Bachelor's degree. It is therefore not worth submitting an application tied to registration for a Master's, a Doctorat, etc.

Students who depend on a random draw or an entrance exam can also submit an application, but due to this uncertainty, they will have to contact the housing department again in September to benefit from any Withdrawal(s).

Sart Tilman 

Housing in university residence

Long-term stay

Requests for this type of rental must be made using the form below during the period from March 1 to June 20 prior to the start of the school year in September. 

Reservation form

The rental amount for the 12 months is calculated based on the taxable income of the parents and on the costs of the student's family. A copy of a tax document (no pay statements) will thus need to be attached to the application form.

The monthly rent scale for the 2023-2024 academic year ranges from approximately €262 to €401, including all rental charges. (Academic year 2022-2023: between €244/month and €374/month, all rental charges included).

The rent always includes all utilities (electricity, water, heating), high-speed internet (cable) in the room.

A rental guarantee of €300 is required, payable 7 days after signing your contract. (Only by bank transfer according to the information given on your rental contract).

Rent is payable by bank transfer only.

The order of arrival of the applications has no impact.

The results of the selection of applications and other information will be communicated on the 1st of July at the latest by email to all applicants.

"Non-resident" applicants

Individuals concerned by the "non-resident" student status (for certain curricula) may also submit an accommodation application form between March 1st and June 20th.

However, because of uncertainty tied to the results of the lottery draw in September, which determines whether or not they are admitted to ULiège, the response given at the end of June concerning their accommodation application can only be negative.

In the event that the random draw is favourable to them, and if they manifest themselves quickly as soon as they learn of the results, these applicants will then be "at the front of the line" to acquire an accommodation for the start of the year in September.

Practical information

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B13 & B13b Residences

Damien Corvino

1, chemin du Trèfle
B-4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman)

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