Computer security is one of the major concerns of the General IT Service of the University (SEGI).

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he central systems, the network, and the institutional applications were designed in order to comply with the best international standards (ISO) and were adapted in order to anticipate and reduce potential risks able to impact the activity of the University (e.g. piracy, computer abuse, data loss, hardware failures, etc.).

An external IT security audit, performed by Euro-Quality-System, enabled ULiège to obtain the ISO 27001 certification for its General IT Service.

Although the SEGI is working to maximize the measures of centralised security, these cannot substitute the awareness that security is everyone's business.

Now, through the analysis of several cases, we have noticed that the computers in question are, unfortunately, easy prey, and that many problems could be avoided by respecting a few basic rules of caution.

As a reminder, here is a list of basic security principles to be followed imperatively, regardless of the platform used (Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS X).

Please take the time to read and apply these tips.

protect your workstation

Exchange and sharing of data

data collected without your knowledge

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