The University of Liège has one of the top corporate networks in Wallonia.

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his equipment includes a fibre-optic backbone with a capacity of several times 10 Gbps covering the entire domain of Sart Tilman and the buildings of the City Centre, high-speed liaison to remote sites, double access to the Internet at 10 Gbps (through Belnet), 25,000 wired connection points, 1,100 WiFi hotspots!

As a University, our network must offer very high security while maintaining openness to the world. This challenge is carried out through a double securing: the global one at the junction between the network and the Internet; the other, using the segmentation of networks attached to the backbone, in "differentiated areas" for which incoming and outgoing traffic filtering rules can be modulated according to local requirements.

These features allow for the implementation of advanced applications: telephony over IP, video streaming, video conferencing, podcasting...

Through the simple request of their ULiège identifier and password, enabling them to access various network services, the user is subject to Internet user regulations, and in particular, of its Belgian component reserved for teaching and research: the federal infrastructure, BELNET. The user therefore agrees to respect the ethics of Internet access for ULiège staff.

Wireless network

Since September 2006, ULiège has a WiFi network, completely overhauled in 2013, with more than 1,100 terminals and covering all the campus buildings. This network offers a "HotSpot" connection mode (Guest, previously ULg-Open) and a secure connection mode (ULg-Secure). The use of these networks requires identity validation based on the ULiège ID and password (members of staff and students). User-visitors can request, via the UDI concerned, the attribution of a temporary account for the duration of their stay on the campus.

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Since September 2007, we participate in the "eduroam" project enabling each member of an institution participating in the project (higher learning or research institution) to log onto the secure wireless network of any other partner institution, by means of their home ID (username and password), without any other prior administrative measure.

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Other means of accessing the network

Access to the network is also possible through public RJ-45 sockets available in certain public rooms. They allow students to connect their laptop to ULiège's wired network (the computer must be equipped with an Ethernet card configured in DHCP for dynamic assignment of parameters).

A VPN service is offered to members of staff and students so as to provide access to certain protected resources from outside of the ULiège network.

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