Electronic mail

For several years now, ULiège offers an email address to all its users: staff members, students, and alumni. The servers currently handle nearly 30,000 accounts, accessible via webmail (https://mail.uliege.be/) as well as through the use of the main messaging software (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail,...) via a connection software for Outlook, via IMAP protocol, or through ActiveSync (for SmartPhones and tablets).

Each user has a storage space of 5 Go (500 Mo for students) protected by a double anti-spam/anti-virus filter and saved daily.

More information for staff members (acces reserved)

More information for students

Centralised directory

The centralised directory allows users to access, using a single ID - password couple, a whole range of services: email, myULiège portal, Centralised Disk Space, secure WiFi network, ULiège Intranet, SAP tools...but also at their work station, on public computers... A unique signature system (Single Sign-On) makes it possible, moreover, to only enter this identification once, and then access a wide variety of services without having to repeat identification. The centralised directory also makes it possible to search for the contact details of a member of the staff or of a student, with the help of the Online Directory.

IT Security

The security of the computers connected to the ULiège network is assured, in a centralised manner, by a set of measures taken at the level of the network itself (implementation of multiple firewalls, definition of high security areas...) but also at the level of the intranet services: anti-virus filtering of incoming and transiting emails to ULiège, provision for the set of users of a company anti-virus, possibility to integrate one's work station to a managed park (automatic system updates, protection of the administrator access, security of the intranet password...).

These diverse measures can only be really efficient if the user him/herself respects a few elementary security guidelines.

To read: a few simple guidelines applicable for both ULiège and at home.


DoX is the new service that the SEGI is launching for all University staff.

DoX has the same features as its big brothers Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but for a use that is 100% professional, secure, and hosted in the certified Datacenters of the ULiège campus.

A space of 50GB (enough to stock several thousand documents) is reserved for each user, who thus has the possibility to synchronise, automatically and transparently, a file from their computer with the server dox.uliege.be. When the data is synchronised with the server, it is possible to access it from any other devices connected to the same account (another computer, tablet, smartphone...).

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Centralised Disk Space

The Centralised Disk Space is an Intranet file storage service offered to all members of the University Community (members of staff and students).

This space of 1GB is accessible from anywhere, searchable using a simple web browser, secure (encrypted communications, protection through the ID and password ULiege...), available (drives and redundant servers, daily backups...), comfortable and easy to use (no activation process) and compatible with all client platforms (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X, various Linux distributions...), either natively (without use of additional software) or with simple-to-use tools.

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The different departments of ULiège can host their websites on SEGI central servers. These servers provide an environment which is managed, stable, secure, and backed up each night.

More information (reserved for members of Uliège staff)

In addition to this hosting service, a content management system (CMS) has been deployed to simplify the uploading and updating of large web sites.

Printing service

The SEGI makes available to its users a certain number of public printers whose characteristics make it possible to meet the printing needs that are not always met by local printers that users normally access:

  • two mass printers Xerox 4112 EPS (110 pages per minute, double-sided)
  • a graph plotter HP DesignJet Z6100ps (42") for printing of colour posters, standard to the ISO A0 (841,0 x 1188,5 mm) format. This large format printed uses 95g/m2 coated paper on rolls of 42 inches in width (1067.0 mm) and 150 feet in length (45.7 mm): it is therefore possible, upon request, to print documents with a format greater than ISO A0.

More information (reserved for members of Uliège staff)

Note: access to most Internet - Intranet services requires user identification (members of staff, students, visitors...).

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