Centralized Identification

The main idea is to provide each member of the institution, whether staff or student, a personal identifier and password, valid for the duration of their function/registration at ULiège.

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his "couple" of codes, unique for a single person, enables each to access the protected services made available on the ULiège's Intranet. And they are several: myULiège portal, e-learning, e-mail, network access and WiFi, personal disk space, institutional IT (databases of personnel and students, financial management, library loans...), remote access, etc.

This is an individual "passport", which deserves absolute secrecy as with a bank code, given the powers that it provides its owner - which vary, of course, depending on the profile and function of the latter.


Once this ID and password have been acquired, individuals are invited to carry out the procedures allowing them to obtain a secure profile (accessible to members of the ULiège staff).

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