Because student life at ULiège goes well beyond the hours spent in the amphitheatres, several associations are active on the campuses with the mission to bring together a community of strong students via the organisation of various actions and events, but also by representing them and supporting them in their projects.

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The Fédé (Federation)

Very lively, the student community of ULiège gave rise to a number of associations. The most important among them is the Federation of ULiège students. Present on all fronts, this ASBL ensures three main missions:

  • Represent all ULiège students and carry their voices to the academic, administrative and political authorities, all while encouraging the participation of students in the management of sections and faculties.
  • Inform students and offer them different specific services (free guide-programme, job service, student journal Le P'tit Torê, Grignoux cinema passport...)
  • Develop student activities and projects, most often of interfaculty nature, in a way to encourage meetings and exchanges between students, or between different circles.

The Fédé also takes an active part in the international openness of the university community, notably through the Erasmus Commission. The Fédé is member of the ESN (European Student Network).

Read more about student participation

consult the website of the fédé

The associations and circles

In addition to the Fédé, a multitude of student associations are from different faculties that are circles of students composed of student volunteers who organise different activities within the Faculty/section. There are also the Interfaculty circles that bring together students of all faculties.

These associations take an active part in the folk, cultural and sport life of the University community (newspapers, travel, conferences, sports events...).

consult the list of faculty and Interfaculty circles

Also for ULiège graduates

Similarly, interested graduates of ULiège are welcome within the "ULiège network" association which includes both alumni and friends of the University of Liège. The network offers its members activities that pursue main objectives of cultural development and assistance in research.

Consult the website network ULiège

updated on 10/20/23

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