Mens sana in corpore sano... And in terms of physical activities, there is no shortage of options at ULiège. In addition to specific sporting events, the sports centres of the RCAE offer nearly 70 sports options "à la carte"!

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hysical activity is essential for health. It plays an undeniable role in the prevention of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. It also allows one to feel good about one's body and to reduce stress. Convinced of these benefits, the University of Liège integrates sports into the health policy that it wishes to develop for the staff, the students and even for those outside the institution.

The RCAE, the ULiège Sport Department, offers nearly 70 physical and sports activities at "student" prices for members of the ULiège community. The RCAE also has agreements with the Rugby FC Liégeois.

Located on the Sart Tilman domain, the Sports Centres offer an infrastructure where each discipline will find its equipment.

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a student and a high-level athlete? ULiège allows you to reconcile the two

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