In case of need of EMERGENCY RELIEF (injury, fire...):

First call

101 or 112

Police or Firefighter - Ambulance

Preferably from a fixed station of ULiège, as the call from a mobile phone is not easily located by the emergency services.

=> 101

=> 112

Then call


Central alarm station

Essential so that the competent departments of the University take the appropriate measures:

  • calling of emergency workers,
  • firefighting,
  • assistance for relief,
  • interventions of specialised personnel,
  • etc.

ULiège staff members are trained in first aid; they can help in an emergency situation.

Available 24/7.

=> 04/366.4444

If there is a problem related to SECURITY



Central alarm station

In case of theft, accident, presence of a suspicious individual, potentially dangerous object, road safety...

Available 24/7.

=> 04/366.4444

In the event that a person is the victim of a criminal offence:

It is always advisable to provide a statement to the Police on the one hand, and to the University of Liège (via this form) on the other. The statement to the Police can be made at any police station located on Belgian territory; it is not required to make this statement in the municipality where the event occurred.

All information is valuable: it will help police forces and university departments take the necessary measures to prevent such occurrences from happening again.

If a victim of a serious event feels the need to talk about it, a psychologist is on hand, in complete confidentiality.

iconeInfo Contact :

For students :
Magali THONON, psychologist (Student Quality of Life Service)
+32(0)4 366 55 61 -

For members of personnel :

Psychosocial preventionists of the Psychosocial Risks Unit :

Marie BARBIER : +32(0)4 366 55 29

Hélène DA SILVA : +32(0)4 366 32 60

Émilie HIRT : +32(0)4 366 93 80


Improving security at ULiège? Suggestions are welcome!

Three services ensure prevention and security on the ULiège sites:

Fire in the workplace is a risk which is present at all times. The accident can be severe, leading to significant material damage, or even the loss of human life. It is therefore essential that each worker be aware of the potential gravity of the phenomenon.

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