ULiège offers various assistance for persons with reduced mobility or who encounter difficulties while travelling.

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information for students/future students of ULiège

information for the members of ULiège personnel (accès réservé)


Since November 1st 2008, assistance to persons with reduced mobility during their train travel has been improved. Indeed, in 131 stations of the Belgian network, assistance can be provided 7 days a week to persons in wheelchairs. For this, a request must be made at least 24 hours in advance to the SNCB Contact Centre, which is accessible every day from 7 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. (02.528.28.28). The Contact Centre is responsible for organising assistance in different stations, depending on possibilities. In the future, this service should be extended to all stations of the network.

GUIDE for travelers with reduced mobility


The TEC adapts to the needs of persons with reduced mobility.

More information

Atingo (formerly Gamah)

The agency Atingo is part of a process of universal design of the environment. Atingo advisors provide practical and innovative solutions regarding consultancy, training, and documentation. See their multiple data sheets on accessibility (Space reserved for PRM, Gateway, How to make an accessible route?, etc.).


Plain-pied is a design office which aims to maximize the autonomy of persons with reduced mobility. This asbl is specialised in accessibility and pedestrian mobility. It provides advice for all types of handicaps in order to develop spaces, products, events, and services meeting the standards and demands of PRM. It is one of the founding members of ACCESS-I and CAWaB.

  • Access-i allows you to identify right away the level of accessibility of a building, of a site, or of an event in relation to each specific need. Each category of individual with specific needs is identified through a pictogram. This image is placed in a box whose colour varies depending on the accessibility of the evaluated space.
  • The CAWaB, "Collectif Accessibilité Wallonie-Bruxelles", is a grouping of Walloon and Brussels associations whose mission is to defend the best possibility mobility and accessibility for persons with reduced mobility.
  • The CAWaB is a place of debate, reflection, and information exchange. The collective can give its opinion or be solicited for legal texts, standards, practices in favour of the mobility and accessibility of PRM.

Agence pour une Vie de Qualité (Agency for a Quality Life)

The Agence pour une Vie de Qualité (AViQ) is an autonomous public interest organisation (OIP) dealing with the fields of health, well-being, assistance of elderly persons, handicaps, and family allowances. It is responsible for information, assistance and advice regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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