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In Institution Campus Coronavirus

From now and according to the Rector's message diffused to the entire university community on 16 March, three general principles rule the opening and closing of the buildings:


  • for students: "Students are not allowed to come to the University premises".
  • for staff: "the first rule is to minimize presence on the University premises. When it is necessary, it is imperative to keep one's distance".
  • for administrative and technical services, "on-site presence must be limited to what is strictly necessary to maintain the activity, with rotation to minimize simultaneous attendance. »

In practice

All buildings are inaccessible to students.

Some buildings are closed, unless specifically authorized :

Campus Liège Centre-Ville :

  • Opera area: O2 and O4
  • Outremeuse Zone: L5
  • Botanical zone: N3

Campus Liège Sart Tilman :

  • Classrooms and Amphitheatres: B4, B7A, B7B, B35a, B45
  • Restaurants and Cafeterias: B8, B62, B65

Campus Gembloux :

  • upcoming information

Arlon Campus :

  • Academic building

In any case, the premises necessary for the organization of distance learning (PODCAST, UNICAST,...) will be opened and closed on request of the local room manager.

Some buildings are only accessible to staff via access control (removal of the "Free Access" areas):

Campus Liège Centre-Ville :

  • 20-Août Zone: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
  • Outremeuse Zone: I1, L1, L3
  • Botanical Zone: N1a-N1b, N2

Campus Liège Sart Tilman :

  • B5A, B5B, B5C, B6A, B6C, B6D, B11, B12a, B18, B22, B32, B33, B34, B49, B52

Campus Gembloux :

  • upcoming information

For the 20-Août zone, a single entrance is organized at the PMR entrance of the A2 (Place Cockerill) from 7am to 7pm.

The other buildings usually managed by users continue to be managed (with or without access control by badge).

Remote working

Remote working is the rule unless there are no other possibilities.

  • At the request of their head of department, staff working remotely may be asked to come to their workplace only if certain tasks should be impossible to perform remotely.
  • In all circumstances, social distancing should be respected and face-to-face conversations should be avoided. No face-to-face meetings should be organised.

The PCA remains open and is in contact with the different departements.


Only subcontractors with an activity that is necessary for the organization of business continuity and the security of the installations are authorized to enter the buildings: guarding, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, electricity, fire detection and intrusion detection, ...

For other subcontractors, authorization is required.

The presence of subcontractors in the buildings will be limited to the time necessary to carry out their tasks.

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