The University of Liège develops and implements the recording of ex-cathedra courses and their replay on the Internet.

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he aim of the "Unicast" project is to provide the student with an additional remediation tool to help him/her throughout his/her studies. He will be able to review or rehearse as many times as necessary passages of a course, or even the complete course if necessary.

The system is designed to be fully automated and integrated into room and student management software. The teacher can control the recording tool directly from a very simple touch interface.

According to the teacher's wishes, he can record:

  • his voice and the general atmosphere of the room (via camera positioned at the back of the room)
  • his voice and presentation projected on screen
  • his voice, his presentation and the general atmosphere.

Once the course is completed, the teacher only has to validate the recording, which will automatically be encoded in different formats. The student regularly enrolled in this course will be able, through the myULiège portal, to view the podcast in different ways:

  • in high definition viewable in streaming (H.264 Quicktime), compatible with PC and Mac,
  • in lower definition, downloadable in MPEG4 format for later viewing (e. g. on the train),
  • in audio format only, downloadable in MP3 format.

ACCEPT to unicast services (secure space)

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